Mythic +16 FREE Trader Bundle

What you get:
  • Selected amount of Mythic+ 16 Runs with FREE TRADER;
  • Guaranteed 398 ilvl dungeon gear;
  • 415 ilvl Great Vault rewards;
  • Primal Chaos for every Mythic run;
  • Concentrated Primal Focus;
  • Plenty of Valor ofr Mythic gear upgrades.
To farm high keys or Heroic Raids you will definitely need some good gear and with this special offer you will be able to quickly and easily make your character ready for any end-game content. We offer you a guaranteed clear of up to 8 Mythic+16 keys (which means 3 Great Vault items at the end of the week) with up to 2 FREE traders. There is no faster way to gear up in WoW Dragonflight so contact us now and get started!
And if you need a traders for higher keys please contact out Customer Support team, so we can find a way to help you.
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